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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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take something away from the manny love that he has work for all of his life just to gain ratings is who are i can. >> ray rice never served jail time for at salt that happened back in february but instead accepted in the pretrial intervention program known as pti. we have learn today that it is similar to a first offender program. "eyewitness news", i team investigator, charlotte huffman spent the day digging in to why rice was allowed into that program and she's in the sat center now, charlotte. >> reporter: chris, the atlantic county prosecutor's office had video and made decision to put ray rice in the program that is completed, will dismiss rice's criminal ough it neverrice's criminal happen. now this evening with the video out and raising eyebrows, prosecutor jim maclean, is not talking about his decisions. the video inflammatory and people, outraged. >> i am outrage. i don't conn down domestic violence toward women. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: more upset to go many ray rice's punishment or
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lack thereof. his third degree aggravated assault charge still made rice eligible for pti program, new jersey's version of the first offender program, and typically involved about a year of anger management or domestic violence counseling. >> there is a lot more than what he got. >> not just as a woman but as a human being. i don't think any whether you are a man or women you should not be appalled by that decision. >> reporter: how could the prosecutor see this video and yet still set rice up to ultimately have the charges dismissed? former atlantic county assistant prosecutor, john. >> i think it is air fey question but what the public doesn't know is all of the mitigating factors in rice, ray rice's favor, that the prosecutor was also required to consider in looking at all of the factors, not only the bad facts that appear on that videotape inside the elevator but also all of the good factors that ray rice has going in his life, mitigating
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factors. >> reporter: such as a clean background, gainful employment, history of community service and victim's wishes. >> on to the pti guidelines the county prosecutor has to give certain weight and consideration to the feelings of the victim about whether they should let him into pti or in the. >> reporter: in rice's case that is the wishes of his then fiance, now wife, janan palmer. county prosecutor jim maclean denied, interview requests and referred to us a previous, comment saying he carefully considered, all of the facts, and to make that decision. charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we had a chance to speak with doctor phil mcgraw, of course, his show airs on cbs-3 every afternoon. doctor phil says he has some burning questions for the nfl. >> they said they didn't see the tape until monday? it happened several months ago? why not? why not see the the tape. if you know bit, obviously it was obtainable because it was obtain.
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so, i just really wonder if they have the right strategy for going after these sort of things and dealing with them. they have the leverage to get this under control within the nfl, and they need to take the necessary steps to do that. >> doctor phil added that for couples involved in violent relationships it is very difficult to escape that. without major intervention. well, our coverage of the ray rice story continues tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and around the clock on cbs don't forget commissioner goodell's full and exclusive interview with nora o'donnell on the "cbs evening news". new to an "eyewitness news" exclusive, frightening moments on septa's market frankford el, riders watch as a teen suspect jumps from the top one train to another moving train. as "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter tells us team was running from police following
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a fare dispute. >> reporter: what began as a battle will with septa police over a fare dispute turns potentially deadly as a 16 year-old suspect whose identity we are concealing slips away, jumps a turn style and then darts on to a train, climbing on to the roof. >> initial between two train cars and climbs to the top of the roof of the train, eastbound train. >> reporter: waiting riders screamed as they spot the suspect now jumping on to a second moving train as it pulls into the station. the the before climbing down to the platform at the erie torresdale station. >> there was several girls on the other side of the platform trying to tell them to get off the top of the train consider your own safety what are you doing. >> reporter: after climbing off the roof suspect pound on the doors trying to get aboard and then takes off, once more, before being caught by office are nearby. a top that train police say the suspect could easily have slip, under the wheels or on
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to the deadly electrified third rail. >> it is dangerous both in the electrical sense and just in common sense to go on top of the roof. >> reporter: police officer who rush the teenager to the hospital to be check out say that he apologized explaining that he had a problem with authority figures. he did not suffer any serious injuries, and he does face a long list of criminal charges. at the erie torresdale el stop, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight it looks like another losing hand for atlantic city. "eyewitness news" first told you on friday night that the trump taj mahal would close in november. well, today trump entertainment resorts made it official filing for bankruptcy. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in ac with the details for us, cleve. >> reporter: chris, trump entertainment owes its creditors close to $300 million. they have been through bankruptcy as recently as 2010 and emerged still operating but clearly the atlantic city casino industry has momentum
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in the downward direction, workers and tourism officials say they are just trying to weather the storm. once crown jewel of the casino industry the the trump taj mahal filed for bankruptcy tuesday and gave employees notice they will than laid off by mid-november. >> it is scary but we have still keeping hoping. >> reporter: these two are tapping man hall employees, they are hopeful that taj will emerge from bankruptcy with new owners and avoid closure. union lead's accused trump entertainment of threatening to close to get work tours give up health and retirement benefits. >> i'm not conceding it will close. it is fifth highest grossing casino this year. >> reporter: taj mahal could be fifth casino to close this year and put total number of layoffs at more than 10,000 workers. city and state leaders are working hard to position shore town as just a gambling mecca and they may have a golden opportunity for positive exposure as miss america's competition starts tonight. >> it is so wonderful to have miss america competition back in atlantic city.
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it is truly our home. we are shining a wonderful light on this community. >> reporter: tourism says miss america brings tense of millions of dollars to town, this year it gives visitors and investors a chance to see atlantic city isn't washing in the sea because there are fewer casinos. >> it touches 53 different states and regions, so that brings a lot of power to atlantic city and helps people understand the amenities. >> reporter: 's bright note, tomorrow is job fare for unemployment casino workers. live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we just saw some miss america contestants. today they unveiled fancy footwear. fifty-three contestants competing for title will feature their specially design foot work in the show us your shoes parade that happens on saturday. pageant itself is on sunday. cases of high blood pressure, on the rise, and victims aren't who you might think. >> we will tell you why so many doctors are raising concern for kids.
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our stephanie stahl has important information for parents. and the spooky addition to one of philadelphia's most popular attractions. kathy? cloudy and cool, today but will not the stay that way as the storm pull is a way, sun returns but get ready for some september storms, we will track them coming up. hi leslie. hi kathy, coming up in sports we will hear from penn state head coach james franklin a day after football sanction where is lifted. more than a hundred female baseball fans got a little less than in baseball from phillies outfielder ben reveer, i'll explain coming up in sports. u.s. air strikes slowed isis, but now government is asking the united states to do a great deal more, we will have that and preview the president's new iraqi strategy tonight on the "cbs evening news".
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vegetables!? no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. no more checks, in more logging on to web sites. three on your side conn umer reporter jim donovan shows you how easy it can be, tonight after fashion rocks on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. new at 6:00 montgomery county officials are vowing to learn from a labor day prison escape. "eyewitness news" was there as
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county officials said they will review their response and procedures. rahim henderson was apprehended after allegedly busting out of the montgomery county correctional facility in eagleville. neighbors say they only learned about that escape through word of mouth and they were never officially advised that a prisoner was on the loose. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight, to keep a close eye on your kids at the dinner table this evening. it turns out too many children are consuming too much salt. that is bottom line of the new governmental report released today. three on your side health reporter breaks it down for us. >> reporter: pizza, cheese burgers and chips childhood favorites loaded with sodium. new report from the centers for disease control and prevention says more than 90 percent of u.s. children between age of six to 18 consume too much salt. >> it was pretty shocking data. >> reporter: brandy joe mill run a nutritionist with drexel university says considering popularity of junk food it is no surprise that children
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getting too much salt. the cdc reports that children and teenagers on average consume 3300 milligrams of sodium a day, a thousand milligrams over the recommended 2300. >> kids who are adults, that consume a lot of sodium have a higher risk for high blood pressure. we are seeing very young children with high blood pressure, and as we know, high blood pressure can lead to things like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. >> reporter: the report found that 43 percent of the salt consumed by kids comes from ten foods including chicken nuggets, soups, snacks, cold cuts and bread. >> high school students were consume most. >> reporter: eating out less and having more home cooked meals can reduce sodium problem when processed items are limited. >> eating more fruits and vegetables will certainly lower absolutely lower your salt consumption. >> reporter: government report says most of the sodium consumed by children is already in the food, not added
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by table salt. doctors also say that high sodium is a problem for adults. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". eastern state penitentiary is preparing to host one of the most scary haunted houses in the country. >> that is right, crews installed these enormous gargoyles, atop the prison in preparation for terror behind the walls. "eyewitness news" there at 22nd and fairmount as they look like they belong there, don't they. these gargoyles i have built in lights and they blow smoke through their mouth. 2014 season of terror behind the walls begins on september 20th. you don't even have to walk into the terror behind the walls to be scared. >> it is spooky. >> i was live just outside and i was scar, yeah. >> that is really fun event. >> it was a spooky day too, perfect to put those gargoyles up there, gray, cloudy. >> yes, very halloweenish. i had a few folks ask me when will it start raining because
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the sky was just so dark. but our coastal storm off shore will stay off shore just a few sprinkles through south jersey and delaware and that storm will pull away. take a look outside where we are seeing a mostly cloudy sky in philadelphia points to the north and west seeing some breaks in the cloud. we are socked in down the shore with the clouds. we have high risk of rip currents over the next couple of days and atlantic city we have had a few showers today. so just glummy weather and in the distance you can see a little bit of blue breaking out but it will be mostly cloudy tonight. live neighborhood network sheds some sunshine on the subject. we will take to you pope john paul the second high school in royersford where temperature is 70 but over the course of the day we saw some clouds, some blue skies, partly cloudy day. right now we are still seeing the same during the afternoon. north and west getting in on that sunshine and warmer temperatures. in allentown 75 about some sun breaks and clouds. reading 73. philadelphia cloudy 72. millville 73. in trenton it is 69 degrees.
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average high for this time of the year is 81. so well below average across the region today. we had very windy conditions as well, atlantic city gusting to 30 miles an hour, close to that in philadelphia and wildwood, gusting to 25 in trenton and dover gusting to 24 miles an hour. storm scan three we have a developing area of low pressure off the coast moving towards the north east so all of that rain remaining off shore but with an easterly wind we are seeing some showers, backing into south jersey and delaware. it will not ab lot just a nuisance for tonight. we will take you down the shore where we will have some issues though, wind gusting to 30 miles an hour tonight and even tomorrow, and occasional showers, even curing during the morning hours of wednesday and high risk of rip current not only for tomorrow but between late tomorrow afternoon. so please ab wear of that, the sun will be coming out but threats down the shore will remain. our storm system moves away wednesday, sun returns, highs in the 80's, heat will peak
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though on thursday as this front approaches from the west, we will be having breezy conditions, some showers and storms in the afternoon, really feeling like a summer day on thursday and in the wake of the front we will cool it down. not big time that will hold off, until the weekend, when temperatures will really be feeling like fall. in the meantime here's the rain as we time it out, wednesday morning some sun mixing with clouds. ease forly winds brings in a few showers keeps it windy and cloudy in the afternoon and then more cloud will move in thursday ahead of that cold front. it will be humid, it will be partly cloudy and then it will be stormy. take a look, a line forms and late in the day thursday into thursday evening we will see showers and thunderstorms move across the the region and then by friday we will dry it out. we are not seeing anything that will last all that long. overnight, mostly cloudy, low 64. during the day on wednesday partly sunny, warmer, really nice day and a high of 80 degrees. pock necessary quiet but getting cool after that front
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moves through thursday. high of only 67. on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast take a peak thursday 86 with afternoon showers and storms. friday 78. and then, we will do that and look at temperatures, warming up for friday and cooling back down saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday and high temperatures only in the mid 07's. not a great beach day by any stretch or good day to be outside. meteorologist justin drabick takes a closer look at that system that is making a messy day inland and down the the shore. >> reporter: thanks, kathy. not a whole lot of rain from the storm system on shore but big story is the win. check out the waves today. this is atlantic city. not a good beach day with the clouds and few showers around. rough conditions with the persistent easterly win. not a good day to go in the ocean with strong rip currents that will continue over the next 24 hours. so why all of the wind? well lets check the pressure set up. we have been hearing high pressure over new england and around high pressure we will get clockwise wind flow. low pressure to the south we
6:19 pm
will get counter clock wise win flow where we are right in between so we get that persistent easterly win starting to backup all the water in the new jersey and delaware coastline so around times of high tides we will have that threat for some minor tidal flooding. so again that gusty northeasterly win, persistent flow and combination of the full moon will bring higher than normal tides to the region. so when is our next high tides cycle? rehoboth beach at 8:45 is your high tides, cape may new jersey 9:02. 8:31 in wildwood. 8:59 in strathmere. in atlantic city 8:29. hour or two later on the back bay. remember rip current writ accounts will remain high once gannon wednesday. reporting from the cbs-3 studio i'm meteorologist justin drabick. >> good evening, everyone. still rush hour sprinkled in the usual spots, i-95, schuylkill, vine street expressway, eastbound heading to i-95, and, tacony palmyra
6:20 pm
bridge looks like it is being put back down after this ship passing through. heading in and out of new jersey in and out of philadelphia as we look the at our live speed sensors sensors low in the 20's. twenty on the schuylkill expressway look the at that eastbound delay around conshohocken curve. starts at 202 and then continues almost down toward gladwynn. if you are traveling blue route your average is 23, 24 on i-95, around construction zone as we have and in new jersey 295 southbound near mount holly we have an accident scene watch out for lane being compromised there and if you are traveling, northeast philadelphia far northeast, roosevelt, boulevard southbound near comly street we have an accident and that is causing a problem. we will leave you with eastbound 422 around 29 blocking one of the lanes there as well adding to already rush hour. stay tune for cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
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phillies short stop jimmy rollins will miss tonight's game with the pirates as he deals with the hamstring issue, freddie galvis will take his place. phillies jumped out to a early one to nothing lead last night, ryan howard, drives in rollins. and then after that, it was all downhill, starring marte with the two run home run in the fifth. pirates never trailed again. they won six-four. david buchanan will take the hill tonight. well, can running base toes fielding balls, more than 100 female baseball fans were treated to a q and a session with phillies outfielder ben reveer. during the phillies final baseball 101 event of the season. all proceeds from the clinic will benefit the phillies charity. penn state takes on rutgers this week but today's weekly press conference all of the questions for new head coach james franklin were about bowl restrictions being lifted from the penn state program yesterday. >> we're very appreciative of that opportunity. it is amazing how many people
6:25 pm
texted me and e mailed me last night and said how awesome that your bowl eligible. we're not bowl eligible. we have an opportunity to go to a bowl game. >> we are one day away from the premiere of cbs-3's thursday night football, sports director beasley reese will be live from the steelers/ravens game in baltimore and cover that right here on cbs-3. and what should be the game of the week for that friday football frenzy? true man at cardinal owe hard, washington township at cherokee or ridley at garnett valley. vote on the audio road show app and, click on our poll and picks our game of t the week. >> that time again. >> thanks very much leslie. >> we will be righ
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10:00 o'clock on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" comes your way next tonight. they will that exclusive interview with the nfl commissioner roger goodell, what did he know and when in the ray rice story. plus scott pelley is live tonight reporting from iraq. "cbs evening news" is next we will see you tonight at ten and 11:00 o'clock.
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>> schieffer: tonight, what did the nfl commissioner know and when? for the first time, roger goodell answers questions about his handling of the ray rice scandal and his only interview is with our own norah o'donnell. >> reporter: so did anyone in the nfl see the second videotape before monday? >> schieffer: as the president prepares to tell the nation his strategy for destroying isis, scott pelley is in iraq with kurdish leaders who know the terrorists better than anyone. >> pelley: are the u.s. air strikes now enough to defeat isis? >> schieffer: john blackstone on apple rolling out the latest high-tech ways to go shopping, but are they secure? and dr. jon lapook-- can early intervention make a difference with children who show early signs of autism?